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On April 24-25, 2018, there has been a meeting in Brussels by the European Union External Action, supporting the future of Syria and the region.

The Conference has gathered more than 85 delegations from the international community, including the regional players, around three objectives:

  • reaffirm EU and international support to a political solution to the Syria conflict, consolidating global support for efforts to broker a political solution within the UN-led intra-Syrian talks in Geneva
  • enhance support and improve conditions to allow for a principled international response to the humanitarian needs generated by the conflict
  • maintain international engagement in delivering assistance to the people of Syria, both inside Syria and in the neighbouring countries

For more details you can visit the official website of the European Union External Action.

Mrs. Federica Mogherini is the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in the European Union. She is also vice-President of the European Comission.

On April, 2018, the French president, Mr. Emmanuel Macron has visited the White House in United States.

Macron has treated to convince Donald Trump not to begin a trade war with the European Union. International trade is a very sensible field, in which many businesses can be affected.

At this point, the United states delays the imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminium.

Besides, France has joined United States in the last attack to Syria on April 13-14, 2018. This was the answer to the use of chemical weapons against civil population by the government in Syria: Bashar al-Assad regime.

Russian government supports Bashar al-Assad regime. We have to remember that Russia has military bases in Syrian territory.

For more details you can look at my website the article Donald Trump’s presidency here at my web/blog or the situation in Middle East.

To get real information i recommend you to take a look at the White House official website.

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