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This post wants to be a resume with some of the most recent and important events and decisions concerning United States (U.S.) and European Union (E.U.) administrations:

OCT.8:  Commission brings together religious leaders to discuss “The Future of Europe”. First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said: “Europe is home to people of many faiths, and every European has the right to practice his or her faith in peace and security

OCT. 7: European Union. In the next two weeks the Council of the EU will take place.

OCT. 6: United States: the judge Mr. Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed as a member of the Supreme Court.

OCT. 5. E.U.: The European Union signed an agreement with Albania on cooperation on border management between Albania and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

OCT.1. U.S.: A new trade deal between United States, Canada and Mexico is announced by President Donald Trump. It will replace the NAFTA agreement (almost 25 years after). This agreement benefit companies and workers of these three countries.

SEP.7 E.U.: Eurogroup meeting took place.
The European Investment Bank and Grifols sign a new loan agreement to advance research on rare and chronic diseases.

SEP. 5: E.U.: Comission launches the adoption of its adequacy decision on Japan, concerning international data flows, between E.U. and Japan.

SEP. 4: In U.S. is the first day on the confirmation hearing of judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States’ Supreme Court. Despite some different opinions, he’s a very qualified person: his sentences  “keep an open mind in every case” and “be a neutral and impartial arbiter” is exactly what it is needed in a judge.

SEP. 3: E.U. releases €138 million in humanitarian and development funding for Africa’s Lake Chad Region. U.S.: This day celebrates  the labor day, with an employment setting records low, thanks to the United States’ government measures.

SEP. 1: E.U. has decided not to apply the time change (actually on October’s last Sunday, and on March’s last Sunday). This issue is going to be evaluated, as President Jean-Claude Juncker announced.

For more information, I recommend looking at serious webs like the official White House website or the official European Union website.

If you like politics and international relations, you can look at the articles in this web, like the recent events,  to make a more peaceful world,  or the European & N. American leaders


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