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Donald Trump’s presidency

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Donald Trump is a different politician, better said, is a business man and has focussed his presidency in governing the country as a company.

This fact is positive, because specifically in southern Europe, there have been in past times Presidents that didn’t know too much of economy ( crisis 2008 and successive years…). For more details you can see economical situation in Spain.

The results of this “business focused” administration are positive for United States’ economy: jobs, companies coming back to United States, stock markets….

In economy, the results are just beginning to arrive and can be more important on 2018 and following years, with the new tax bill, (amongst other important economical decisions).

If people have more money in their pockets, can buy more things, spend more… This is a good thing both for companies and consumers.

Security is another important achievement in this period of time. Increasing United States’ security is good not only for Americans, it is good for the entire World.


Donald Trump arrived at the presidency of United States, after winning the elections on November 2016.

Officially became the 45 th. US President on January 20, 2017.

Donald Trump made the proposal of Neil Gorsuch as a candidate to the Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch is a proponent of textualism in statutory interpretation and originalism in interpreting the U.S. Constitution. This was a very serious and important decision, because it is imprescindible a correct interpretation of US Constitution.

Last year, 2017, there were several protests against some US symbols, as the statues of some generals in American Civil War, that fought with the Federation.

I think that we have to remind the History despite there were some things that we don’t agree.

Donald Trump’s administration position about DACA, (Deffered Action for Childhood Arrival), has been controversial, with the opposition of Democrat Party.


Perhaps the most important  event are the conversations with North Korea, which could  result in a more peaceful world.

On the other side, Donald Trump administration has made 2 attacks to Syria in this period of time

The second attack, with France and United Kingdom, was due to the use of chemical weapons by the sirian government.

The attacks have destroyed military facilities, and there were no people dead.

Donald Trump has received visits at the White House, of leaders from all over the world. Here i will indicate:

  • Mrs. Theresa May, Prime Minister of United Kingdom on January 27, 2017.
  • Mr. Mariano Rajoy, spanish Prime Minister on September 26, 2017.  Under his government gestion, the spanish administration has made the suitable changes to improve the economical situation in Spain
  • Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, israelian Prime Minister on March 5, 2018


Donald Trump’s administration has decided to impose tariffs to some imports.

But after the visit of European leaders, has decided to delay US tariffs to European Union and other countries until July 2018.

Because commercial trade is a very delicate issue, because it may affect both companies and consumers.


On September, 19 th. 2017,  Donald Trump gave a speech at United Nations General Assembly. Then the tension with the North Korean regime was very high.

At the end of April, 2018 the situation has changed considerably.

On April 26, 2018, the North Korean president, Kim Jong-un met the South Korean president Moon Jae-in at the frontier of these two countries.

This meeting was the precursor of another meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, that took place on June, 12, 2018.

These two meetings are good news for the entire world because can be the beginning of the de-nuclearization of this area.

Another Donald Trump’s government decision has been the move of United States’ embassy in Israel. This event took place on May 2018. I think this decission is more important that it seems.


I remember that here in Europe, at the beginning of his mandate, Donald Trump was very criticized by the european press.

We only have to look at the covers of some magazines in those months.

(Donald Trump swore as the 45th. President of United States on January 20th. 2017),

The situation, has changed during his presidency, taking more moderate positions.

At this point, I think it is very important the figure of Mr. Mike Pence, the United States Vice President.

Watching at Donald Trump’s administration from outside, I think the most important changes were due by the change of advisors in the White House.

  1. The nomination of the general Mr. John F. Kelly as the White House chief of staff on July 31th. 2017.
  2. The resignation of Mr.Steve Bannon as White House advisor on August 18th. 2017. Bannon was a representant of the most right wing, and during the campaign directed the news media Breitbart News.
  3. The nomination of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House press secretary, on July 21st 2017.


Despite some media don’t talk enough about Mr. President Donald Trump administration’s achievements, the facts can’t be denied.

To avoid the Fake News, you can follow the official White house official website.

If you are interested in politics you can also look at the official websites of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

You can also read more articles in this web, but remember this web is an opinion web, and of course is less serious than the 3 webs listed before.

Historically, a good president has been who has choosen good advisors to take good decissions to benefit his country. That’s the way for a President to be remembered in history books.

In my opinion, Donald Trump has made it, and has many probabilities of be remembered as a good United States President.

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