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Intellectual property is very important for a country, for his economy and essential to face the future.

I remember 25 years ago, people told me that the future of the world, by different areas, would be:

  1. United States for innovation.
  2. European Union for tourism, and museums.
  3. China the “machine” of the world, cause it will produce most of products.

Well, in broad strokes, this prediction was correct.

25 years after, there is a competition to see who will be the most important nation in the world: United States or China?

Donald Trump’s administration, in my opinion, has made the right diagnosis of the problem: trying to correct the trade balance of United States, which is now negative.

How could get this?

Mainly, based on two points:

  1. Imposing tariffs to some imports. This is a very delicate issue,  because it could affect both companies and consumers, because they could find products more expensive. Donald Trump’s administration has decided to delay  U.S. aplication of tariffs until June 1, 2018 to steel and aluminium of European Union and other countries.
  2. Reducing US imports by increasing internal production. Companies coming back to United States help to boost this growth.

There is another important issue: the intellectual property.

United States’ government is worried about this, because China could be taking a profit of United States’ intellectual property in his products.

Donald Trump’s administration tries to prevent this.

On this point, US government has denied the permission to a chinese company of buying an american one of electronic components.

It is said, is for National Security.

Well, seeing from outside, it is not as clear, for me at least, that chinese economy became the first economy in the world.

I agree they had many work force, many exports, has grown a lot the last years, but….

I think Donald Trump’s administration is taking the correct decisions to try to prevent this.

United States has been -and is- the most important nation in the world for many years.

For more information you can look at the official White House website.


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