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A more peaceful world….

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A good politician should be remembered in History books as who has made something important for international relations’ improvement, something to improve his citizens’ life, or to benefit the world…

In my opinion, Donald Trump, the 45th. U.S. President, has made it. Let’s see why….

a) International Relations, world…

1) The summit with the North Korean leader. Last year, the news about a possible nuclear war in the Korean peninsula were very worrying….for the entire world. Here, we have to thank the Chinese authorities, their steps for a peaceful solution also…

2) A strongest NATO means a safer Europe….and it is a good new for all people, in general.
We only have to remember that the last 2 world wars begun in Europe. I think that it is fair that United States, the most important NATO’s member, want that the other NATO’s members invest in this organization the same average in their economies than U.S. make.  We have only to remember the history…. Europe is what it is, thanks to the past, the 2 World Wars, the Marshall Plan, the cold war…..in all these points the United States’ collaboration has been decisive….

3) Russia is an important nation that deserves be a member of G-7 again to get a more peaceful world… Last summit, between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, -in Helsinki (Finland), on July 16, 2018- has to be considered as a positive thing. The relations between this two nations were at a very low level before this meeting.

4) Israel. The Jewish religion, is one, or the most,  ancient religion in the world….We are what we are thanks to the past, the history….  So I think it’s fair to  recognize Jerusalem as the Israelian capital.

In conclusion, I think that Donald Trump administration is doing the right work for a peaceful future…

Donald Trump is managing the United States as a enterprise, he is a businessman, and the results are beginning to arrive: not only in economy in U.S., also in international relations.

Each day, I’m more convinced than yesterday, that we live in a “Fake News” era, so a good web reader needs to read serious and official webs.

You can read more articles in this web about Donald Trump’s presidency.

But remember, this is only an opinion web, and of course, is not as serious as the White house official website .

I recommend to take a look at this web, where you can see really the United States’ government achievements to improve daily citizens’ life, which are really more important than some press media recognise….






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