Span in danger? (II)

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This blog/web it’s about International Relations. In this post i write about the situation in Spain….

The situation in Catalonia (Spain), has shown what it is reality in this area of Iberian Peninsula…

Despite, they don’t want to admit, the pro-indepedence parties, lost last elections….

Reality is what it is…

As the world has seen “facts are facts”….

The veracity in the media has arrived -thankfully- from United States…

Last facts involving Spanish Goverment -Mr. Morenés- and Generalitat of Catalonia -Mr Torra- has shown at the level who is everyone…

Mr. Pedro Morenés is a qualified person…(for more details see his curriculum….)

Mr. Joaquim Torra is only a writter who previously has offended seriously all the people that consider himself both Spaniard and Catalan -as me-.

There’s no doubt to whom people has to believe…For more details you can see in this web

European & American Leaders

If you like my opinions you can read in this web: Donald Trump’s 15 months

I recommend to contrast qualified, and verified pages as White house official website.

At least, thanks God, in United States don’t have this doubt…

For more details, -if you have the same opinion- you can contact with me at the folowing adress:…

Francisco Javier Gil Redón

-Spanish Civil Engineer-

Former public servant in Diputación de Barcelona.

Now in Benabarre, Huesca, Aragon, Spain

+34 682 081 003



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