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In recent time electoral polls have failed in their predictions. Specially in Spain-Europe.

I remember  in 2016, until the last minute, the victory of the Brexit was almost unbelievable and it happened.

The polls are very different from a month to another.

For example in Spain, in 2016 the Popular Party  got more representation that all the polls said.

The candidate Mr. Mariano Rajoy won the elections and was the Prime Minister until June,2018 : the electoral result was quite different than polls said.

At April 2018 the polls in Spain, say that a quite new party, Ciudadanos, will win the next elections.

But Mr. Pedro Sanchez (PSOE) has became Prime Minister.  Polls in Spain, at September 2018 show a possible tie between PSOE and Popular Party .

We’ll see what happens in May 2019, but i think that the population of a country at the moment to vote, consider seriously which party managed best the country and the new parties get lower results than expected.

So in this scenario, the approval of Donald Trump, as the 45th. president of US, despite polls say is low,  where it will be really showed are the official elections. So there’s no reason to worry about it.

If you like Politics, take a look at the whole web, but I specially recommend you 2 articles: Donald Trump’s presidency and European and North American Leaders.

To avoid reading fake news, I recommend you take a look at the official White House website.

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