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The theme of this article is about politics, a subject that sometimes it isn’t considered with the importance that it has.



Politics can be defined as  all the measures decided by a group of people that conduct to the government, management of this group.


There have been different models of political organization.

From Egipt with the pharaohs until the most recent times with the two blocs: the democratic countries and the communism.

This division led the world to the denominated “Cold War”, after the second World War.

Well, this article wants to be focused in politics nowadays (maybe in other article the author will talk about historical policies with more detail).


Spain is a monarchy, with Felipe VI as king, and Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) as Prime Minister, since June 2018.

It has been quite important the improvement of the economical situation in Spain, specially with Popular Party’s last government,  with former Prime Minister Mr. Mariano Rajoy.

The most important -and basic- law is the Spanish Constitution, aproved by referendum on 1978.


In recent times, and now, there is a territorial discussion inside Spain.


Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain, at the Northeast of Iberian Peninsula, on the shores of Mediterranean sea.

The most important city in this territory is Barcelona city.

In the Northeast of Spain, part of the people of Catalonia want the independence of Spain.


Here I will made an exposure of the facts as real as they happened, in the web, and i will expose with the maximum serioussness:

All the year 2017, and previous years, the Catalan government has been preparing a called a referendum pro-independence of Catalonia.

This votation was not legal, because it didn’t accomplish the law, the Spanish Constitution.

On September 6-7, 2017,  there was  a demonstration of the intransigence of pro-independence parties.

On that days, they didn’t let speak no one of the opposition parties (the parties that agree with Spanish Constitution).

On October 1,2017,  Catalan pro-independence parties, made a popular vote, that didn’t respect the necessary garanties to be considered a serious referendum because:

  1. It went against the maximum law in Spain, the Constitution.
  2. The same person could vote several times

The pro-independence parties said that had won, with more or less 2 millions of votes favourables to independence. (Total population in Catalonia is 7,5 millions of people).

In this order of things, the Catalan Parliament declared unilaterally the independence of Catalonia, on October 27, 2017.

And the pro-independence leaders went against the maximum law in this territory, the Statute of Autonomy even, so they went against the Spanish Constitution.

In the last Statute of Autonomy it was required a majority of 2/3 (66%) of Catalonian Parliament to modify it.

But to declare the independence, the pro-independence parties said that only 51% of Catalonian Parliament votes was enough. That was a serious contradiction.

As a result, due to this situation of disorder, Spanish government applied, for the first time in Spain, the article 155th. of Spanish Constitution.

This article affords Spanish government to take control of the government of an autonomous community if this zone, better said, its government, goes against Spanish Constitution.

The Spanish Prime Minister, Mr. Mariano Rajoy, called autonomous elections on December 21,2017.

In that elections, Ciudadanos party won- and  her candidate, Mrs. Inés Arrimadas-. Ciudadanos is a party favorable to remain in Spain.

But the electoral system valid in Catalonia afforded pro-independence parties to get a majority in Catalonian parliament.

On May 17,2018, Mr. Quim Torra becomes  the 131st. President of Catalonian Generalitat.

On June, 2018 the new Prime Minister of Spain is Mr. Pedro Sánchez (PSOE).

Catalan leaders, in last government, spend a lot of money in international embassies of Catalonia.

Meanwhile, some services were not paid properly, as the pharmaceutical bills,…

Catalonian authorities, political leaders, have to remind that they assumed a position thanks to Spanish Constitution, the maximum law in Spain.

A dialogue between Catalonian authorities and Spanish  government is very necessary.

There have been a lot of “Fake News” in the web.

If you want to keep informed about Spanish political situation i recommend you to check serious websites:

For example, the official Moncloa website where is a collection of the most interesting news in serious publications in Spain.


Donald Trump won the elections in United States on November, 2016.

He became the 45th. U.S. President on January 20, 2017.

For example, to get more details of his political decisions, you can read about Donald Trump’s presidency in this web.

From the beginning of his mandate, there have been a different opinion with most of media.

Donald Trump accuses the media of not talking enough about the successes in his management, and to invent theories against him.

It is what he calls as “Fake news”.

If you want serious information about what is doing the Administration in U.S., I recommend you looking at  the White house official website.

If you like the opinion articles about politics & International Relations you can also read the article A more peaceful work, in this web, with some events that help in that direction (in my opinion of course).

Donald Trump is a non conventional politician, people can talk whatever they want, except lazy.

The most important results are in economy: creation of Jobs, tax bill…, and in security.

I think that a safer United States is good for the entire world, as it has been in history, specially in 20th. century.



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