U.S. President visits the vatican

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On May 24,2017 it has been a meeting very important for international relations’ future. The US president, Donald Trump, visited Rome (Europe) and specially the Vatican, where he met the Christian pope Francis.

It took only 20 minutes, but enough time in which they could have found more points in common that conventional press could think.

First of all, both have positive intentions to a peaceful world.

Second, they both have something in common: faith in achieving better international relations, including all the religions in the world….

A year after writting these words I think that the world is a safer world.


There have been many different religions in History.

I am Christian, so I will talk about the paper of Christianity in History.

Most European countries have been historically Christian.

Christianity has had a lot of importance in the discover and colonization of the american continent.

Despite his possible mistakes in this colonization, its contribution to settle the cities as we know today it can’t be denied. (For example, the cities which name begins with “San”: San Diego, San Francisco….).

It is also very important the construction of cathedrals in american continent.


Anciently, in times before the print, the information was saved by clerical members in monasteries, libraries…

So, in my opinion, the world has arrived to the actual moment of development thanks to the information saved.

What is clear, is that without Christianity the world would be different.

And if you like history and have studied what happened in the wars in the past, in Middle Age above all, you will conclude that the world probably would be worst without Christianity.

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