Mr. Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain, in a speech. Economical situation.


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At the end of 2011, when Mr. Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain, arrived at the government, the economical situation in Spain was very problematic.

The risk premium was around 600 points ( The risk premium is the extra return above the risk-free rate that an investor needs in order to be compensated for the risk of a certain investment). Now the Spanish risk premium is about 70 points (on April, 2018).

Today the situation has changed completely. The deficit has been reduced from a 9% in 2011 to a 3% (Nowadays the country satisfy the European Union’s deficit requirements, as the Eurostat agency shows).

What’s more, both exportation and the tourist sector show good results, what contributes to the positive balance of spanish economy at these moments. ( This is the 4th. year with a positive increment of GDP (Gross Domestic Product)).

At the end of April 2018, the Spanish government has introduced the Budget Project, that it is characterized for being the most social Budget in last years, with an increase in social spending, in infrastructures investments, in I+D+i (research, development and innovation)….


In this time i think that Spain has won significance in European Union due to the  economical good management.

The spanish economical minister all this time, Mr. Luis de Guindos has been designated to European Bank vicepresidency, in March 2018

To this economical positive public management has been very decisive the economical approach by the Popular Party government, with the actual President, Mr. Mariano Rajoy.

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These relations are good. Spain has been historically and ally of United States, and now continues being an ally, of course.

At this point we have to remember that  both countries are NATO members.

On September 26, 2017, Mr. Mariano Rajoy, visited the White House.

Since June 2, 2018, Mr. Pedro Sanchez is the Spanish Prime Minister.

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