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The Spanish parliament has chosen a new Prime Minister: Mr. Pedro Sánchez, (PSOE) this month of June 2018.

All the new governments deserve a hundred days of tranquillity at the beginning to see their politics. But there are some doubts about Spain integrity as a Nation that can shorten these 100 days.

Mr. Pedro Sánchez has chosen as ministers a lot of qualified people, but do they have a clear opinion about the integrity of Spain in the future?

I am afraid that not exactly.

On Sunday, June 10, 2018, some facts are really worrying.

1) The situation in Catalonia. It seems that new government is going to give independentist parties too much importance and concessions.

If Mr. Pedro Sánchez satisfies all the independentist parties’ demands, how will be remembered his government in history books? As the government that let broke Spain integrity?

This question is very important.

Another important question: how will PSOE face new elections in Spain?

Quite good for PSC in Catalonia, but I am afraid that will happen the opposite in Spain. Perhaps some politics want that his new name was PSO (without the “e” of Spain, in spanish).

Time will have the last word….

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