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In this article I will talk about Syria.

Syria is a country in the Middle-East, with the Mediterranean sea at the West, and at the East, Irak.

Its capital it is Damascus, and has, more or less, 17 millions of inhabitants.

The President of Syria is Bashar al-Asad.


In last years, there has been a terrible conflict in this territory, between government forces, opposition and terrorism (DAESH/ISIS).


The opposition leaders, say that the problem is Bashar al-Asad regime.

I don’t agree. Let’s see why.

A serious, stablished government is necessary to the correct management of a country.

In other way, the country sinks in the disorder and the chaos.

We only have to remember what happened in Irak after the second Gulf War.

Saddam Hussein’s regime was totally defeated, the government institutions disappeared, and the chaos and terrorism took control of the country.

So I think the best option is that Bashar al-Asad follow his mandate, because he has clear the idea to fight against terrorism.

At this point, rusian decision to support Basar Al Ashad regime, i think is correct for world’s security.

The world can’t afford more instability in Middle East.

The problem is that sometimes, the syrian government, in his fight against terrorism exceeds what it is rational: has attacked civil population with chemical weapons, what it is totally inadmisible.

As an answer to these attacks, United States has made two attacks very specific to Syrian military facilities.

The first was in April 2017.

The second was in April 2018, and France and United Kingdom joined it.


It is clear that is necessary a political solution to the syrian conflict.

The best way of goverment, is the democratic.

Democracy implies that different points of view are considered to take decisions.

It is necessary a dialogue between Basar al-Asad’s goverment and the opposition.

It will benefit the country.

At this point, the European Union External Action cellebrates differents meetings to try to arrange the  syrian situation.

For more details, you can visit the European Union External Action official website.

Mrs. Federica Mogherini is the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

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